Authentic Documents and Jobs. is worldwide Number ONE in passport and identification services. We have 100% satisfied clients and we are working on making our services better and better day-by-day. We never missed a single order, we always promise the fastest delivery times available and have only positive feedbacks.

We would never offer anything we just can’t deliver.In Authentic Documents and Jobs. we are PROFESSIONALS.


National Identity Card Clone is an exact copy of existing valid and registered Identity Card issued by government.
We reproduce exactly the original card with all security features and with real existing registered number.
All the information stay original and the photo is replaced by the one the client provide us with.

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Clone Driver License is a fully cloned license of another person and therefore is fully valid in case of authorities control.
All original data are cloned from data of another existing citizen, but the picture is yours (sent to us).
Almost all EU countries Driving license currently available.

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The Original Passport Service offers an Original Passport (not produced by third party), issued from delocated Consular Office of issuing Country, usually based in South America or Europe.

This passport will contain your actual photo and your actual fingerprint.

This passport is 100% valid, registered and original.

Several countries available in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

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The Replica Passport is a top quality Passport produced with focus on all the standard and security features of regular original Passport.
Currently we are able to produce two different passport types:
1. OCR Passport (issued with last date in 2006 and expiring in 2016).
2. Biometric Passport also known as an e-passport, ePassport or a digital passport.

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